Government of India
DC(MSME), Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP)
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Aims and objectives :-
  1. (a) To make aware/train entrepreneurial culture among people.
  2. (b) To motivate young persons (Men and Women) representing different sections of society, including SC, ST, Women and Physically Handicapped, Ex-Servicemen and BPL persons, to consider entrepreneurship or self-employment as one of the career options.
  3. (c) To enable the target group to think and act in an entrepreneurial way by imparting technical and business skills at an early stage in their career, so that it not only encourages them to consider entrepreneurship as a career opportunity but also helps them become successful in any profession.
  4. (d) To provide basic entrepreneurship training aimed at helping entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action, bring an attitudinal & behavioral change in the target group and build their personal entrepreneurial skills.
  5. (e) To provide advance entrepreneurship and advance management training aimed at helping entrepreneurs by providing high end / advance training in the domain of e- commerce, BPO, Soft Ware, Biotech, Modern Agricultural & Animal Husbandry and processing, Drug Discovery, Genomics, Tech. acquisition from premier lab like BARC/CSIR/DRDO, etc. with the help of premier institutes such as IIMs/IITs/ICAR/CSIR/NIT/Administrative Training Institutes (ATIs), post harvesting and Food Processing institutes, Engineering Institutes, etc.
  6. (f) To develop technical and vocational skills or upgrade existing skills of the target group.
  7. (g) To support the establishment of new MSMEs and enhance growth of existing ones which will result in improved productivity and job creation. The Implementing Agencies (IAs) will be entrusted with the task of Udyam Registration of ESDP beneficiaries.
  8. (h) To support MBA/Engineering students by providing opportunity for Vocational Training and in depth study and outcome of a few typical ESDP programmes conducted, preparing a compendium of available technology with premier lab for dissemination of technology, etc. to MSMEs. Besides, they will be assigned other work which will be an opportunity to work in the Govt. setup. The hired students will be provided with experience certificate and stipend.
Guidelines for sub-component "Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP)" under "Development of MSMEs" vertical of the O/o DC(MSME) schemes Click here

(i) Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP):-

(iii) Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programme (E-SDP):-
a. Existing E-SDP
b. Advanced E-SDP

(ii) Management Development Programme (MDP):-
a. Existing MDP
b. Advanced MDP